Link scrolling for split windows?

I typically am writing full orchestral scores, and I’m often working off a lead (vocal) line. A common setup for me is to open two full-score layouts with a horizontal split, because I can’t see both the lead line (at the top) and the strings (at the bottom). I do sometimes also temporarily move the lead line down between the brass and strings, but that’s not ideal.

Is there a way to link split windows so that they scroll together? I don’t think there is, but I’d like to put in a request for this. It’s a helpful way to be able to work with multiple sections at once. I know an important selling point for Dorico is the ability to work easily from a small (laptop) screen. Just wondering what other ways this could be accomplished.


There’s no way to do this at the moment, but it’s something we could consider for the future.

One way that people tend to accomplish this kind of thing at the moment is to use a custom layout that contains only the instruments of interest, e.g. the lead line and (say) the strings, which allows you to keep all of the instruments of interest in view, or close to it. This isn’t good for graphical edits in Engrave mode, as those edits will be made in the wrong layout, but for input and arranging tasks it’s pretty good.

Thanks Daniel, I hadn’t thought of that…duh.