Link settings not saved on importing trackarchive

I have some grouptracks that should be controlled by an VCA fader. The VCA option is the only thing I cecked in the link options. If I export these tracks as trackarchiv (as xml) and import it to a blank project some of the options that where not marked are marked again after the import.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. create some grouptracks
  2. put them in a VCA group (uncheck all other options but the VCA)
  3. export tracks as trackarchive
  4. create new project
  5. import archived tracks
  6. check group options (the default options are enabled again)

This behavior is by the way since the introduction of the VCA faders to Cubase.
It is very annoying, to fix the four checkboxes in every link (20+) after importing the trackarchiv.

Thx in advance

Hello again,

fine - the post made through the moderation process … what’s next?

Will someone check if that’s an issue and if so, will it someday be fixed.
I have reported this issue some time ago for Cubase 8.x also with no response from Steinberg.

So, what should one do to get a response about the issues I have with a software that I have paid about 1000 € after paying for several updates?

Best regards