Link to Docs does not work - how to fix it?

Since the update (or around that time) a link from “Documentation” from the upper bar to pdf files ( manuals, etc) does not work. Sounds like a small thing but it is a bit irritaiting. Funny enough , while the link seems to point wrong location of the pdf files - there are still there where they should be, there is one pdf docs which is rightly addressesed ( VST link manual). I understand that the xml file which resides with the pdfs manages the addresses, but I do not know how to fix it? Anyone able to help?

Can you be a bit more clear about what happens.

You say one doc appears to point to the correct place so does this pdf open?
Are the other pdfs in the same place as this one?
If not can you find the other pdfs on your system using a search?
Have you opened the xml to see what location it points too or are you just assuming it is pointing to the wrong place?

Are you on WIndows? Mac? What version?

To be more precise: In opened Cubase 8, I go to Documentation tab and hit, for example, “manual”. The message i get is that there is no document ( not exactly this but this is the meaning). It happens to all sub-tabs with one exception ( VST link if I correctly recall from memory - I am not at my desk at the moment).
All pdf manuals are in the proper location under Steinberg/Cubase 8/ Documentation file and can be accessed from Win Explorer and opened with Acrobat Reader. There is also an xml file, but I do not know which line, if any, should be edited. And I do not understand why it is corrupted since it worked well for quite a time, from older versions of Cubase until Cubase 8.0