Link to register for Steinberg Online Shop Isn't Working

I’m trying to buy Dorico with the student and crossgrade discounts, and I heard back from Steinberg that my request has been approved. However, I am unable to create an account for the Steinberg Online Shop because the link provided in the email is apparently incomplete. Can someone please give me the right link? My free trial ran out recently and I really need the full version soon.

Sorry to hear you’ve been having problems with the online shop, Noah. While we get that sorted out, I’ve extended your Dorico Pro 5 trial: run Steinberg Activation Manager and click the refresh button in the top right to renew your license.

You should find that the “Continue shopping” link the email you received from the online shop takes you back to the online shop to continue your purchase. If you click the link on the same computer on which you originally submitted your proof of qualification for the edu/crossgrade discount, it should automatically log you in and allow you to complete your purchase. If you’re doing it on another computer, though, then you might run into problems because you don’t have the right cookies on your system. If at all possible, use the same device for the whole process.

Let me know if you still have problems, and I’ll do what I can to help.

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Hi Daniel,
Thanks for extending my free trial! The problem seems to be that the original email to help me set up my account for the Steinberg Online Shop and set my password contains an incomplete link. I’m using the same computer on which I originally submitted my proof of qualification, but it’s not automatically logging me in.

Some email programs do not always parse links correctly and may exclude critical parts of the link in the highlighted area, and therefore not submit a complete link when you click on them. One thing you can try is doing a drag select of everything that looks like it is part of the link from the email and copy and paste that to your browser.