Link to score improvements from Mac 4 to 6

Sorry, I couldn’t seem to find a link or list of the Cubase score feature updates / improvements from Mac Version 4 to Mac version 6 for OSX lion. Could someone point me in the right direction?


I don’t think there actually is a list of changes/improvements. The best I can think of is to download the manuals for both versions, and read them side by side :wink: (both documents will be identical, except for where they… errm… aren’t :wink: ).

Thanks, and that is what I was afraid of. And I bet the 6 Score manual is pretty much the same as the 4 version- “needing work”. Steinberg seems to put Score on the bottom of the priority list, but I prefer it because I can stay in one app and work with midi, audio, and vid, and produce scores.
Now to find where the Score 6 manual D/L is…

It’s part of the main documentation… near the bottom-left of the webpage :wink:

Thanks- I thought it was a separate manual as 4’s Score is.