Link to the 1.4 gb update installer

For some reason my download was corrupted and I can find it at My Steinberg. Does anyone have a link? Thanks


Good call but it’s been cleared

Well, what the hell did you go and do that for??? :laughing:

Enter the dongle #, and click “check…” and that will bring you to the links page.

Thanks but that isn’t doing anything except telling me I’m not eligible :smiley:

What version’s on the Dongle? If not C7, run Maint. to upgrade the license.

Thanks. I already have C7 installed from the 315 mb file but I wanted to get the videos which I assume are in the 1.4 gb download

Whew found it. :wink:

You don’t need the 1,4 GB download if coming from 6.5. The videos are hosted on Youtube and are accessible also from the Steinberg Hub.


My DAW isn’t hooked up to the net and I wanted to have them on my machine. Thanks

Ok, but the videos are available online only!

That doesn’t make any sense ! 56K people are still out there … :imp:

Oh ok I assumed the videos were available in the download release. Are these the promo videos or tutorials? I assumed they were tutorials

is it the same installation procedure to have 6.5 AND 7 installed at the same time ??

i currently have 6.5. do i only need the cubase 7 - 300mb core download ???

thanks guys

They are different and the tutorials as well as the promo videos are hosted on Youtube.

I agree… that it does not make sense that 56k analog modem users are out there :laughing:

I bet they have major trouble calling their banks with those rotary telephones that can not reply to the “PRESS 0 FOR AN OPERATOR” prompts…