[Link to VOTE for an Awesome Feature] Real-Time Gradual Tempo Change, Retardando and Accelerando


I was wondering if I could Real-Time Gradual change the tempo (Retardando and Accelerando ) while recording in C8.5. It would be prefect If I could do this using my foot pedals.



There is the GUI slider “Tempo Recording Slider” in the Tempo Editor. So you can change the Tempo while recording from GUI. Unfortunately, you cannot assign this to any MIDI comment via Generic Remote Device. So it’s unfortunately not possible to do so from MIDI.

Thank you. I knew about “Tempo Recording Slider”. I have CC121 which I can assign jog wheel to turn different knobs. Unfortunately. the Tempo recording Slider cannot be assigned to AI knob on CC121.

Is there a way to tap a temp/beats while recording. I know the feature is possible in ProTools. I am going to post this as feature request.


Sorry, no. But you can record without click and then you could use Beat Detection function.

Yes. I guess I will record using my VST instrument freely without click just my internal human metronome. Then edit the midi for tempo adjustment.

I hope I can do that without a pain! It would be hard, if the music is improvised.

Another problem with the slider is that the playback tempo does not change while moving the slider. You can only hear it after recording the changes. So at best you are just guessing at what the changes will sound like.

I put in a feature request awhile back to have it give immediate audio feedback & also be assignable to a controller. Give it a +1 if you agree.


I just gave +1.

I hope others do.

Do you think it is possible to write a VST plugin to do that?

giving plus 1 is good. However, Steinberg should compile features requests and send users in the form of questionnaire for final selection.

Maybe I do that whenever if find time using survey monkey.com.

They kinda did do that before C9. The end results were rather mixed.

Also a suggestion is going to have more weight if you’re Hans Zimmer rather than some guy in the spare bedroom. :unamused:

Like in politics and Media for people and the politicians!

This feature would be nice. Cubase needs to do catching up to other daws