LINK tracks in the project window?

I don’t know how to do this anymore, in CB8

I used to be able to create links, I’m sure it was on the ‘right click’ menu, select tracks with CTRL then link them (in project window).

for example 2 mono channels panned left and right, once linked every time you mute they both mute, when you select one they are both selected, volumes etc. good for keeping the settings mirrored

Is this function now replaced by the more advanced grouping/vca faders etc?

I know its a numpty question, I’m sure the answer is simple cant find it in the user manual

Hopefully this can help.

If you watch this Steinberg Video and go to 4min 56, it will show you how to link channels (all-be-it via the Mixconsole) Via Quick Link and then how to use a Permanent link (and much more)!


Another thing, I press and hold [Shift] + [Alt] to temporarily link channels (when in the Project/Arrange Window). I’m not sure there is a way of permanently Linking without going into the Mixconsole now (I could be wrong). Using the [Shift]-[Alt]/[Option] to temporarily link channels is really easy though (once you remember it) and I have adjusted from not being able to Right Click in the Project Window to this new Workflow.


Thanks jono

So it seems that what I’ve been doing isn’t there anymore.

I mainly used channel linking to get percussion elements really spaced using haas effect, panning left and right putting a slight millisecond offset on each then linking them so as if to create a stereo channel using two channels they would work together in the project window…

Hmm I need to find a workaround to how it’s done in c8

I think it’s not possible to link tracks in Project Window yet…

I would like to have this in Cubase… It’s very useful…