Link two instruments ?

Good afternoon,

Is it possible to link two instruments so that all the music that is written in the first becomes in the second ?
In my case : I’ve a SATTB choir score ; the soprano voice is doubled in cola parte by a B flat trumpet. Is it possible to have a transposed layout for the trumpet who is linked with the soprano choir part ?

Thanks by forehand.

You could use Shift+U to cue the soprano line into the trumpet, then use the Scale property (and hide the cue label) to make the cue full size. The trumpet won’t play back, though.

Thank you ; id did what you say. But I don’t see in the trumpet layout the score of the soprano.

Ave Maria – Jeronimo de Aliseda (transposé quarte sans tessiture) (496 KB)

You’ve added a Trumpet cue to the Soprano stave. You need to add a Soprano cue to the Trumpet stave!

Yes, its OK ! Thank you for your tip !

When adds this cue, how does one hide the measure rests in the Trumpet part without hiding rests in measures in the rest of the piece (if that is even possible)?

Notation Options. You can hide bar rests from cues.

If you need cues with rests elsewhere, here’s a workaround that’s easier to demonstrate than to explain:

Dan & Leo, thank you. This might help with
I still get confused sometimes which features are in which Menus. Usually I can intuit it, but sometimes I look in Layout Options for Notation Options and then finally find the feature in the Write or Edit menu. (10,000 hours rule still at work even in a situation as purposefully designed as Dorico :smiley: )

Thanks to you all for your tricks.
I did just what pianoleo said me in his second answer, and I’ve not problem of double bar rest, or cue size.

Shouldn’t we suggest to Dorico’s team to provide a functionality that allows two instruments to be perfectly synchronized?

I think you just did.