Linked Automation Tracks

Is there any way for me to link automation tracks together? Like, whatever I draw in one automation track will be reflected in the linked track too?

Ideally, I’d be able to do this, and set different ranges for the linked tracks
Master Track 0-100
LFO Depth 0-48
Filter Cutoff 3000-1500
Oscillator Volume 0-50
ie When I set Master Track to 0, LFO is 0, Filter Cutoff is 3000, Oscillator Volume is 0,
And when I set Master Track to 50, LFO is 24, Filter Cutoff is 2250, Oscillator Volume is 25,
And so on.

So, is anything like this at all possible?
Thanks a lot, guys

Hi and welcome,

We discussed similar topic few weeks ago here, on the forum.

I would recommend you to Add a Group Channel, route the signal of both tracks to this Group Channel, and apply all of these parameters on the Group Channel directly. Then, you would need to control only one parameter.

No, this kind of linking not possible in Cubase.