Linked containers identification

When a container is shared how to know all the linked containers? ie if I modify this container, which are the others which will be modified?

Since there isn’t anything in Cubase called a “container” I’m guessing you are referring to shared MIDI Parts. If that’s not the case please clarify. A screenshot might be useful for this.

With shared MIDI Parts an equal sign in the upper right corner indicates it is shared. Also the names will be the same because if you change the name on one, all the others will change too - because they are shared.

Container is the translation of french term.
After a lot of manipulations, several shared MIDI Parts with the same name are dispached on several tracks. When I mute all data on one, I can see that some are empty but not all. How to get this information by a more direct means

Yeah with only English & German on the forum this happens a fair amount, so it’s good to verify we’re talking about the same thing.

It looks like you started off with 2 (or more?) independent MIDI Parts that had the same name but different content. Then those got duplicated as Shared Copies which makes it hard to tell which is Shared with which.

To sort it out I’d rename all of the different Parts until none of them are named “Air” followed by a number. For example if you renamed the upper left Part “Air 1” to “Alpha” then all of the Parts it is Shared with will be named “Alpha” but any Parts it is not shared with will still be named “Air 1” - presumably the “Air 1” Parts on the right side would not change. Then if you rename “Air 2” as “Beta”, the other “Air 1” as “Gamma” etc. eventually each set of Shared Parts will have unique names.

To avoid this in the future make sure a Part has a unique name before using it to create Shared Copies.

Renaming is a good way to fix this kind of errors. Thanks