linked tracks? why? help urgently needed

Hi all I have an issue for a client where the imported session has a funny thing that I have not come across.
I select say the EG_57 and cubase selects the EG_ribbon guitar also? any ideas please greatly appreciated.

I done a 19 sec vid and uploaded to youtube so you can see what it does. I checked grouped functionality but i am still lost as to how to undo this function. If i copy the 57 track part i dont want it selecting the ribbon mic also.

Thanks in advance


not certain what you mean to say here Burt …:
however … check if your files are “grouped” and or locked …
did you import files from “OMF” ???
have you files all been checked to see if they are in the pool ??
is there or was there muli projects imported with the son ??

check to see if the file is what it says it is …
try bouncing/rendering the files with your names for them …and or L -R locater at lenght of sond and export tracks again to a new folder eg new audio…then start a new project import audio from your folder … …
good luck …

Ctrl-G and Ctrl-U group and ungroup events in the timeline, maybe it’s that? Never had anything like that myself…