Linked triplets in voice mode

Getting some practice in voices … I’ve got two upstem voices in the treble

You can see that the two triads are linked as shown by the orange hilight. But I want to stop triplet entry at this point, but can’t do it because if I do it also deletes the previous bar triplet.

Probably simple question but how is it I get linked tuples like this, and how do I break the link or not create it in the first place? I’ve not seen this before using tuples in non voice mode

That’s actually a single quarter note triplet that happens to span the barline.

You need to ensure that when entering tuplets you either have the correct note value specified in the left panel or you specify the note value in the popover, e.g. 3:2e for three in the time of two eighth notes.

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Gah! I thought I did have it on an eighth so didn’t think of that, thanks Leo … triplets still give me the fits