Linking and Unlinking Channels

Hello, I have Cubase 5, 8.5, and now 9.02 (Elements versions) And I know how to link and unlink channels so I can adjust them as a unit… But I am working on a song in version 8.5 (Elements), I have 3 channels linked together (it says they are linked at the top) … but no matter what I do, I select them all, right click, select unlink selected channels, … and nothing happens. in fact, in moving a slider on any of the channels, they act as though they aren’t linked (all moving independently) … but they are not.

Suggestions anyone?


Can you click to the Link field of any (linked) channel and unlink it?

What is the link field?

In the MixConsole, there is the panner. And above it, there is the “Link field”, where you can see the name, and the color of the Link. At least in Cubase Pro…

Yes… I have clicked that area too… the single track… or tried to shift click the three that show linked (even though they aren’t) and I get nothing. Like I mentioned earlier… I shift click each of the three tracks showing a link, right click, select “unlink selected tracks” … (remember now, they aren’t linked… they just say they are) … and nothing happens.

My reason for performing this action is I DO want to link them, … but the program is saying they are already linked, … and they won’t “unlink”.

Can you try to duplicate the track? Then it should be Unlink and you get all with the track.

Now, … that’s amazing! … I duplicated each track, … then clicked on the original of each, and they each unlinked (really) … Then I removed all the duplicates of the tracks, … re-selected the three originals and they all linked correctly. None of that makes sense to me, … but it worked, … that was my goal, … and I thank you sir Martin.Jirsak!!!