LINKING multiple similar projects (LP mix>mixer setings etc)

I have tried searching over this topic but been unable to find anything.

I have this LP mixing project for a band with 10 songs and naturally the material is almost identical considering the instruments and their overall sound and the project setup. So I will have to have 10 different projects for all the songs.

So my question / suggestion is that is there anyway to LINK - say - identical but separate projects (whose configuration is exactly the same) so that when I let’s say, change the Gain of the track named “GUITAR1LEFT” on one of the projects then it would kind of use a “saved preset” that is automatically activated on other projects where this preset is utilized on different tracks accordingly, so that the Gain would also automatically change on the “same” GUITAR1LEFT track also?

I find it pretty difficult and inconvenient first of course making a template project and then mixing it and at some point duplicating that initial project and importing the audio stuff there, since there almost always will be changes made to any of the projects even if no matter how hard you have tried to make this template project “finalized”.

There seems to be a way to save the Track Settings but importing them to my current 10 songs long LP mixing other 9 similar projects is a tedious, slow, error prone and frustrating job.

So IF there is not such a functionality in Cubase 8.5 Pro (that I have) then it would be a HUGE WORKFLOW ENHANCING FEATURE to be able to select (like in VCA Faders) the parameters that you’d like to link, and then saving that as a kind of a “cross-project track setting” template that one could then activate on the other similar projects so that all the wanted (major) main parameters’ and/or effects’ etc. etc. settings would automatically be synced between those similar (or why not even non-similar?) projects.

I just hate currently having to separately and manually save mixer settings on a file and then importing them one by one on the other projects. And then, when changing the - say Guitar EQ - again, then AGAIN having to hassle with these settings’ EXPORT/IMPORT stuff.

I hope You understand what I mean. I really don’t know if this is possible already or not but oh my God would it be a great and PRO feature or what??

I actually came up with a great idea/feature suggestion:

It would be nice to be able to create a kind of a MASTER PROJECT which would have SUB-PROJECTS in the same view somehow. So that all the sub-projects would share common mixer settings. The master project could have for example a vertical divider and individual scrollbars for each sub project which one could activate on choice.

Meaning that all the MASTER PROJECT fader settings would always be visible and then Cubase could have the SUB-PROJECT faders and effect panels which one could adjust, according to the initial settings for each sub-project inherited from the MASTER project.

Then, when the sub-project is activated, one could zoom it full-screen and all the sub-projects faders would then be adjustable just like they are in the “normal” mixing project. BUT - meaning that when viewing the MASTER PROJECT then sub-projects’ individual “sub-master” Gain settings would act like an automation line/graph on the MASTER project.

So everything would simulate very closely to a regular Analog studio, meaning that on the MASTER PROJECT view one would see the different sub-projects placed horizontally and there could be a MASTER scrollbars for a MASTER PROJECT view and then all the sub-projects would have individual scrollbars on the MASTER PROJECT VIEW. On the Master Project view one would then be able to alter the OVERALL OFFSET settings affecting all the sub-projects as a whole. But all the sub-projects could be natively adjustable also, individually, on their own sub-view (within the master project view). But, like I said, activating the sub-project would then open the regular mixing project and there should be an easy way to change between those two views. And when multiple displays are available, like I do, the MASTER project could be open in the, say, left screen and the active sub-project in the right screen.

What do You think?

I humbly say that this would be - when well-designed - a major improvement in Cubase 9, or 10. I’m pretty sure that everyone would agree. Of course Cubase could be used the “old way” also, but mixing the full-length albums would be so greatly streamlined and unified far from where it currently is.