Linking tracks in mixconsole vs arrange window selection

Hi there,

I was wondering if anybody has a workaround of this at all if possible?

I’ve linked instrument output tracks to midi tracks within the mixconsole, so the individual audio output of a multitimbral instrument.

For example:

Violins 1 MIDI track >>> Linked to >>> instrument output 1 + 2 (Violins 1)
Violins 2 MIDI track >>> Linked to >>> instrument output 3 + 4 (Violins 2)

When i select a track in the mixconsole, the corresponding linked track is also highlighted.

But when I select a track in the arrange window, for example “violins 1 MIDI Track” It only selects the MIDI track and doesn’t select the highlighted “instrument output 1 + 2” within the mixconsole.

I want to hide all the midi tracks in the mixconsole and just see the audio output tracks… so that only MIDI is edited in the arrange window and the audio outputs are shown in the mixconsole window for mixing. But selecting the in the arrange window doesn’t show select the linked audio output track.

On Cubase 8.0.2 right now.

Does anyone else have this issue / is there a workaround?



Link function works jn MixConsole only, in general.

The only one workaround I could imagine is to put the MIDI track and “linked” Return Channel to the one folder. If I remember correctly (but I’m not in front of Cubase, now; and I’m not realy sure), there is a preferences, which selects all tracks in the folder, once you select the folder.