Linking your network Computers to run more VSTi's

Hi. I was at the Toronto Cubase Club last night. They said to make any requests via the Steinberg forum, so here it is.
He said you never know, if enough people want a feature, it could end up happening, so if you like this idea, make sure you post it up as a suggestion too.

I would like there to be an update to Cubase 8, that gives users the ability to use other network computers for running VST plugins and VSTi’s seamlessly with Cubase using only one audio card. There is a software program out there called FX-Teleport by, that allows this to be done using a network Cat5 cable. But it only works on PC’s. Older versions had VST link, but I don’t think it allowed audio through. With VST Connect Pro doing essentially the same thing albeit over the web, it can’t be a huge task to make it work on a LAN, can it?

Integrate this feature into a revision and I will buy it. I am willing to beta test too.

Hope this gets to the design team!!