Links to SPECTRALAYERS VIDEO TUTORIALS thread - - - - - *** UPDATED 11/18/2020 ***

*** UPDATE 11/18/2020 ***


Promo / Quick Tutorials
SpectraLayers Pro 7 - Promo
SpectraLayers Pro 7 - Healing Process
SpectraLayers Pro 7 - Playback Tool
SpectraLayers Pro 7 - Transform Tool
SpectraLayers Pro 7 - Unmix
SpectraLayers Pro 7 - Unmix Components

SpectraLayers Live Sessions with Mike Scheibinger | Google Hangouts 2020
SpectraLayers Pro 7 - SpectraLayers Pro 7 New Features and More Basics | SpectraLayers Live Session August 22, 2020 [3:24:20]
SpectraLayers Pro 6 - SpectraLayers Pro The Basics | SpectraLayers Live Session June 17, 2020 [1:29:30]

SampleConstruct/PatchPool/Simon Stockhausen
SpectraLayers Pro 7 - UnMix Stems
SpectraLayers Pro 7 - Spectral Layers Pro 7 – Moulding – Voice and Alien Engine

*** UPDATE 4/20/2020 ***

Official Steinberg Spectralayers Tutorials

Electric Guitar Production Part 1 | Spectralayers Elements Tutorial
Electric Guitar Production Part 2 | Spectralayers Elements Tutorial

Fixing Unwanted Plosive Sounds and LF Control | SpectraLayers Elements Tutorials

*** UPDATE 2/14/2020 ***

Official Steinberg Spectralayers Tutorials
Noise Reduction | SpectraLayers Elements Tutorials
Unmixing and Remixing Sounds | SpectraLayers Elements Tutorials
How to Eliminate Unwanted Sounds From a Song | SpectraLayers Elements Tutorials


8:45min Introduction by creator Robin Lobel:

Official Steinberg Short Introduction videos:
Steinberg Official Promo Video

Steinberg: Selection Introduction

Steinberg: Retouching and Tools Introduction

Steinberg: Selection-Based Effects Introduction

Steinberg: Visual Audio Transformation

Various YouTube Tutorials and Examples
Old Mono Recording to Stereo Conversion tutorial by Ken Martin:


Spectralcasting Mixing Rap Vocals

Explaining spectral casting using graphics

Sound Design Examples

Spectral molding

SpectraLayers Pro 6 Sound Design Experiments

Noise Reduction

Example, using RX and Spectralayers cleaning up on-camera audio

Cleaning up the first recording of Thomas Edison By Robin Lobel (OLDER SL VERSION)

Extract Shape Tool Vs Harmonics Tool

three step audio extractionm layers:


Extracting voice from a movie by Robin Lobel (OLDER SL VERSION):

Spectralayers 4 - cleaning up dialogue (OLDER SL VERSION)

Noise Reductions SLpro3

Noise Reduction SLpro2

Thorough editing tutorial (hour long)

Cleaning up Acoustic Guitar Recording:

Cleaning up Music Mixes

Textual Tutorials/Reviews:
Tapeop - SL Pro 6

SOS - SL Pro 6


MusicTech Review - SL Pro 6

Pro Sound Network - SL Pro 6

Paid Video Tutorials PAID TUTORIAL - SL PRO 3

… and for the real geeks amongst you, Robin’s AES paper on his own website, Fast Local Spectrum Sharpening.

wooohhh there, just open up the Matrix out of nowhere why don’t you :ugeek: :laughing:

Thank you! :astonished: :mrgreen:

First 3 official tutorials from Steinberg :

SpectraLayers Elements : Noise Reduction
SpectraLayers Elements : Unmixing and Remixing Sounds
SpectraLayers Elements : How to Eliminate Unwanted Sounds From a Song

Nice, what is the difference between ‘Average’ checked and unchecked in the noise reduction?

“Average” can avoid some artefacts (like remaining spectral “dots” after processing).

Finally SpectraLayers 6 novel workflows are available for customers and potential users to see.

Video Tutorials are the perfect answer to show such unusual usage possibilities. Otherwise the manual would need to have plenty of detailed pictures and descriptive content, which by length would defeat their purpose.

Luckily I have also found most of the videos from Sony Creative Software’s Seminar Series by Gary Rebholz.
So I uploaded one of the most interesting ones to GDrive; Chapter 6 Basic Editing Operations.
Despite its title, knowing what can be done with these operations open quite different possibilities compared with traditional audio editors.
So download it while it is available.

Just seen these three videos. Thanks. It would be good to have more like these. In my opinion, they give good insight into some typical workflows and editing techniques.

This chap s good!

I would like it, however, if he could use one of those “mouse highlighters”, so we can follow his mouse-clicks more easily, as he uses the various tools.

Once again, nice work!

*** UPDATE 4/20/2020 ***

Electric Guitar Production Part 1 | Spectralayers Elements Tutorial
Electric Guitar Production Part 2 | Spectralayers Elements Tutorial

Fixing Unwanted Plosive Sounds and LF Control | SpectraLayers Elements Tutorials

Thanks much for the updated links. I have been using this on some minor squeaking from my acoustic guitar recordings. Works well, and I think these videos will give me a few more ideas as to how to do this.

Is it possible for the program to learn one of the characteristic squeaks, and then apply the db reduction/cutting to the whole track at once, rather than finding each squeak separately?

SoundForge did that many years ago. I hope this does.