Linnstrument + Cubase Pitch Problems

Hey all, has anyone gotten Linnstrument to properly work in Cubase 11/12? It doesn’t seem to work “out-of-the-box” for me. My biggest problem is getting the pitch change to translate correctly to Cubase, and to a lesser extent Aftertouch and CC74. When I record, I can see in the Note Expression Editor that Aftertouch and CC74 data seems to use the full value range available in the editor window. But for Pitchbend data, it barely moves, and is more of a straight line, even when I perform a full slide from a leftmost pad all the way to the right-most pad in a row.

I don’t think it’s a setting on the Linnstrument itself. I know it’s configured properly because when I use an MPE synth like Surge XT in standalone with one of Roger Linn’s MPE presets, it works fine. I get the full sweep of pitchbend on a row and CC74 expressivity like in the Roger Linn videos. But when I open the same plugin and preset in Cubase, pitchbend (and CC74) does not work the same.

I have the MIDI input set to the Linnstrument MIDI Note Expression device with channel set to “Any”. I imagine it’s some setting I need to configure but I have no clue what it would be. Anyone else run into this and figure it out?



Well, I got it working with Halion Sonic and Retrologue. Maybe the problem is Surge XT? I guess I’ll start another thread about that specifically since the issue doesn’t seem to be with Cubase + Linnstrument, and rather Surge XT.

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