LINPro dither

Comparing WaveLab 11 LIN Pro dither to the full MAAT LINpro plugin, we seem to have everything except Bit Depth Reduction Mode options. I assume WaveLab 11 LIN Pro is always using rounding and the option that’s not made available is truncation – is that correct?

Better ask maat digital for this.


Thanks. I’ve contacted MAAT with the question, but they don’t have conclusive answers.

Frankly, we licensed our technology, but Steinberg doesn’t share with us how they implement it. Your assumption that WaveLab 11’s “lin pro” is always using rounding is most likely correct as truncation isn’t proper dithering at all.

It’s a safe guess, I suppose.

MAAT manual isn’t that helpful frankly.

I know d*ther is probably the least important aspect of the DAW but I simply wanted to confirm the settings that I think are ‘flat’ TPDF are … as some things are not always as you expect them to be under the hood.

Lots of information and theory but no direct answer that I could find. I am guessing selecting plain TPDF and turning off noise shaping will do the trick.

11 is fantastic thank you!

Flat TPDF is also what I use most of the time - especially when dithering to 24 bits. Therefore I would also know the exact settings for this with MAAT dither. MAAT communicates IMO always a bit to ‘audiophile’ and leaves crucial points open for marketing reasons I guess. I was surprised to see MAAT technology appearing in WL. But when I can have my simple, flat TPDF I’m happy.

@nkf In the end, I just got Good Dither by Goodhertz

I really wasn’t sure what was going on under the hood with LINPro … it seemed to take a lot longer to process in a batch processor than I would have expected for a well coded ‘flat’ TPDF but what would I know.

Don’t know if it supports multi-channel too!? I can then use the dither plug in, which came with Acon Acoustica. When noise shaping is switched off it is flat TPDF dither and supports multi-channel.

@nkf I don’t know if it supports multi channel or not… I don’t do much multi channel work and when I do it’s not in WL (ProTools).

“I don’t know if it supports multi channel or not… I don’t do much multi channel work and when I do it’s not in WL (ProTools).”
I just had a look into the manual of Goodhertz Dither, it supports only stereo.