Linux drivers proposition.

Should Steinberg provide Linux drivers for MR series?

  • Yes
  • No

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I know this is a long shot especially for a company like Steinberg but here it goes.

Why don’t you “open” a portion of the drivers source code to the Linux community?
Not the parts that affect integration with Cubase etc.

This could have positive results to all of us (Steinberg-end users).
Steinberg could benefit in many ways, gaining a positive profile among users (Steinberg has a very bad name when it comes to hardware support) being the most important. By doing so it will let the community (literally thousands of brilliant programmers) support the hardware giving a much greater lifespan and most importantly reliability.
The community could make rock solid software for our beloved hardware without cost for Steinberg.
It’s a mater of time for this thing to happen with some top notch companies and Steinberg could not miss this train. Linux-open source IS the future any way you look
at it! Some companies can provide the hardware…

Also the community could fix some serious bugs and provide more features and them Pitt it back to windoze (should be an easy task).

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Why someone wouldn’t want support for an already stable platform?
Please don’t bother to reply it’s a rhetoric question…anybody (with brains right in place) knows why.
RME folks are no fools.
I wish Steinberg could follow their example…it’s not that they’ll lose customers, that’s for sure, but if they keep ignoring current ones well that’s different.
I hope someone important in this company reads these forums and start to think about what’s best for all of us.
Open source isn’t waiting right behind the corner…it’s here, and it aint leaving.

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Does anyone know what chip is used inside MR816?
Maybe we can get at least a general driver working.
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