Lion OSX Cubase compatibility - am I stupid??

I have Cubase 6. on my MacBook Pro, I have these plug ins:
Halion Symphonic Orchestra
From Rob Papen:
and other plugins. I know that they are not Steinbergs. But what I want to know, is:

Can I upgrade to Lion and will everything work flawless??

this website:
…just doesnt explain it so that I can understand it.

Am I stupid or what??

I think it would be the developers of the plugins you have to ask.

As for the other question, I would say: “or what” :stuck_out_tongue:


HSO will work, but only inside Halion 4, or HAlion Sonic. It should also work in Halion One. This is in the knowledgebase. No 32 bit plugs will work, only those optimized for 64 bit.

If you’re asking this after reading the knowledgebase, you should definitely wait.

Aloha N,
Since Lion will not have Rosetta, PPC plugs will not work.

In fact no PPC apps of any kind will work.

Here is a way to find out which of your plugs/apps are PPC.
and which are Intel/Universal/Classic:

1- Go to the Apple menu—>About this Mac—>More info—>
This brings up/opens the ‘System Profiler’.

2-In the System Profiler, on the left hand side scroll down to:

Once in ‘Applications’ sort by ‘kind’

Now in the ‘Kind’ column you will see all your apps sorted
by either ‘Intel’ or ‘Universal’ or ‘PowerPC’.

I even have three that are sorted as ‘Classic’
as part of an old AppleWorks Programme.

the sort column next to ‘Kind’ is:
‘64 bit’. Yes or No. Try sorting there as well.

And don’t forget to quit System Profiler when you are done.

HTH (hope this helps)

Myself I decided to throw caution to the wind and recklessly upgrade, because I just love anything new…


Lion seems to be working fine for me here with complex Cubase projects and a PC slave connected with Vienna Ensemble. Initially I lost my slave PC from the network then today it re-appeared for no obvious reason. That’s the only weird thing I’ve noticed. Otherwise… it’s lovely to use Lion, mainly for the nice user interface improvements. It’s a nice leap over Windows 7 and its slightly low quality attempt to look shiny and nice.

I’d encourage everyone to take a wild leap in the dark and go for it…! You might suffer problems and lose hours or days of work trying to fix them, but who cares. It’s better to live on the edge :slight_smile:

I would not recommend going to Lion 10.7 yet unless you are VERY adventurous !

Remember - Even Apples very own APP-Store does not work on some Lion machines. It is a known bug that Apple tech lines are ringing off the hook for (solution Net card must be Eth0 for mac-Appstore to work).

After 3 days of troubleshooting that one - I decided 10.7 still needs a run thru by Steinberg - just like they did when Windows 7 was new.

… and years earlier when Windows Vista was new…

… and when Snow Leopard was new…

You CAN do it… just prepare for an occasional hiccup.

Steinberg lists 3 KNOWN occasional hiccups including this major kicker

ASIO Ports may have a different naming. Loading projects created with the same system setup on previous Mac OS X version (10.6) may result in “Missing Ports” window for the ASIO ports.

So, if you have hundreds of projects already - just prepare to remap ports hundreds of times until they make a patch (or easily a script/app) to upgrade all your old files :laughing: