liquid mix

Hi, is anyone using liquid mix with cubase 6 64 bit,successfully?
i can load it using j bridge,and works fine,but after a period,when i load the project includung liquid mix,i cant hear the track that i have inserted liquid mix on.i have to disable liquid mix to hear it.
every now and again i decide id like to try liquid mix,as its a shame to have to put it in storage,so if someone can give me hope,id love to hear from u!

Are you using the legacy firewire driver?

yes i am. are u using liquid mix,and having no probs?

Used to have one but only used it in 32bit CB. Pretty sure I’ve seen posts on here or on other forums from people using it OK with 64bit & Jbridge.

Have you tried in 32bit CB on same machine? Just to narrow down possible causes.

I’m using it on Win 7 64 and Cubase 64. Software 3.0,legacy FW with dedicated FW PCI card and no JBridge.

Sometimes i have the same problem,after open a project i need to remove and re-load the Liquid Mix in order to work.
Sometimes since the beginning a message appears about lost of connection and a reset/force-reset or reconnection of the Liquid Mix is required.

Another issues are that it doesn’t support audio export,real time audio processing and if i rise my sound card buffer to 2048 it produces audio artifacts.

Nevertheless when i was using in on 32 bit environment i never had a problem with it.
So i assume that the 64 bit support is limited.

Somethings to test for me are the use of old software and JBridge.

its definetly a bummer.i can understand why they didnt do 64 bit version.
resale value is poor,so i guess ill have to put it in storage,and in 20 years may be worth something!

Maybe if the driver works in cubase 30…Dont be to sure though. But liquid mix is rock solid in my setup, texas instruments (a own firewire pci card) legacy driver. Cubase 32 bit, windows 7.
But nothing compare to a real analog rack (or females).

According to Focusrite they implemented 64 bit support since 2.2.1 drivers.
On Cubase 64 LM works fine on real time export.
I have checked JBridge on my system but it doesn’t seems to improve nothing at all.
I’m gonna try older drivers and report latter.

so,no one is using liquidmixsucessfully with cubase 64bit then?
time to sell,me thinks.

Funny thing happened. I was having problems with Liquid Mix 16 since I switched over to CB 64 about 4 months ago. Recently every project I opened got the disconnected message and I couldn’t get reconnected. Out of frustration I searched the issue and found this thread. I also just opened a song last worked on in CB 32x 1 year ago. Liq Mix again failed to load but when I activated the insert on the master buss it works! Now I know that Liq Mix 16 can work in Cubase 64x. I’m using the jbridge on LM

hi there,i havent tried master buss,as i want to use it on individual tracks.
so still noone using it successfully on cubase 64 bit?

just thought id clairfy my current situation…

Using win7 64bit + cubase 64bit.
Not with j-bridge, using the standard issue cubase bridge

Liquidmix ver 2.4 is successfully exporting in real-time render mode.

Love my liquidmix and its not worth selling off so thank christ6 it works in 64bit .

How dissapointing no new emulations turned up, like ever.

I am using liquid mix 16 with 64 bit drivers on win7 in 64 bit running cubase 6.5 in 32 bit mode
Dont really have much problem with it just the occasional loss of connection but this is
very rare, just have to reload the Vst and all is good. Dont use the compressors anymore I just
use the Huge Tube.
Just to add I am using win7 legacy drivers with some cheapo firewire card I think the chip is a VIA

I’m happily using LiquidMix (full fat version) on v3.0 64bit drivers, with Cubase 6.5 64bit on 64bit Win7, TI chipset FireWire, and no jBridge.

The odd glitch here and there occasionally, but nothing that gets too much in the way of mekking muzik. Some great emulations in there (and quite a few meh’s), just hope it’s not broken by any Windows changes in the near future!

…this might all be coming too late for Mr Funkman, though, I fear…

too late indeed,i sold my liquid mix. just couldnt get it to stay working for long period.
if i had it inserted on a track,after a period,say 30mins,it just stopped working,could still see the gui,but was having no effect on the audio.

I’m just setting up a new PC with Cubase 6.5 64x and Liquid Mix 16 isn’t working well at all. I’m on Windows 7 64x and have set the legacy drivers. This pc has a VIA chipset. REally want to use this but it crashes way more than with my Dell that I’m moving from. I may try a SIIG firewire card but have to give up for now.

I havent upgraded yet to c7,
but i dont spose anyone who has can confirm liquid mix is now working in 64 bit mode?

currently i can get b6.5 to render properly with liquid mix plugins but have to render in real time.