List editor for automation ...?

So … very slowly in the process of getting used to using Cubase again after five years …

I’m sure I remember that when you set up automation on a track, there was a way of opening up a list of automation events, as opposed to only being able to view the events as a graph-like line. List Editor seemed the obvious thing, but when I try to open that for the automation track, nothing happens. I’m sure I’m missing something obvious … anyone enlighten me?

I hope you’ll forgive me for bumping this, as I’m still struggling to figure it out. I really feel sure there used to be a way of opening up a list editor for automation events in Cubase 5, but I’m blowed if I can figure it out. Please can someone enlighten me?


There is a list: Project > Browser.

Firstly my profound apologies for not having thanked Martin for this information. At the time of your post, there were health issues here which rather diverted me from Cubase for some time.
I checked out your solution and it does, of course, work, although not quite as I expected. As I remember the list in question, it showed the value of automation events as a figure from 0 - 127, whereas the browser shows them as actual dB values ( i.e. exactly as you see underneath the faders ). In fairness, this does work perfectly well ( although see my other post on the subject of automation! ), but bearing in mind that I’m using the exact same installation of Cubase on the same computer as I was five years ago, I was surprised to see the apparent change ( unless there’s some other list that I don’t know about! ). Any observations on the subject would be welcome.