List of 3rd party VST3 plugins

  • Brainworx
  • Celemony
  • DMG Audio
  • FabFilter
  • Izotope
  • Softube
  • SSL
  • Vienna Symphonic Library
  • VirSyn
  • Waves

    Anyone know any others?

edit: updated list

SSL plugins are also VST3.

  • Waves 8

All the Softube plugs are VST3, also 64bit now.

Vienna Suite, Vienna Ensemble/Vienna Ensemble Pro have VST3 versions.

VirSyn (Reflect, Tdesign etc)

sonnox ??? did you beta test ? cause i’m still waiting for x64 & if it will be vst3 that would be a great surprise !

Isn’t VirSyn the company that made Prologue, Mystic, and Spector? I guess it makes sense that their other plugins would be VST3 too…

Well, I cannot speak for the main company (no, I do not test for them) but the Sonnox restoration plugs that ship with WaveLab are VST3, so I would have thought the main ones are also VST3.
Apart from the bundled ones, the VST3 in my setup are currently few:
iZotope Restoration 2
VirSyn’s T-Design & Reflect
The Grand 3, and the RND Porticos from Steinberg
DMG Audio’s EQuality, Compassion & EQuick
Sonnox Debuzzer, Denoiser & Declicker
SSL Duende Native Buss Compressor (mono & Stereo) & 9000 series channel strip (mono & stereo)

yes wavelab sonnox plugs but that’s not the sonnox “line” anyway sonnox say that we have x64 for november !
vst3 would be great !

Best way to find most VST3 plugs is to go to kvr audio and use the VST3 filter in the plugin database.