List of all key commands for moving notes

I’m training several collaborators on Dorico, and I want to make a simple list of all key commands to manipulate selected notes.

Here’s what I have:


  • alt-up/down = diatonic stepwise
  • shift-alt-up/down = chromatic stepwise
  • ctrl-alt-up/down = octave
  • alt-n/m = move note to staff above or below


  • alt-[ and alt-] = change rhythmic grid
  • alt-left/right = move note on grid
  • shift-alt-left/right = lengthen or shorten note on grid
  • ctrl-alt-shift-left/right = halve or double note duration

Am I missing any other helpful commands? Thanks!

Great list Dan! Using “N” or “M” without holding alt allows for cross-staff beaming which is very useful for grand staff instruments.

Out of the box, the following key commands work for me:

Cross-beam to staff above: N
Cross-beam to staff below: M
Move to staff above: Alt-N
Move to staff below: Alt-M
Copy to staff above: Shift+Alt+N
Copy to staff below: [no shortcut]

That last command, the one that’s mysteriously missing a shortcut, would be the most useful to me of all of them. I’d like to be able to map it to Shift+Alt+M. But I can’t find it ‘Copy to staff below’ in Preferences > Key Commands. Can anyone help?

Isn’t it called “Duplicate to Staff Below”…? I gave those pair the Alt N/M commands, as I tended to Copy more frequently than Move, but your scheme makes more sense.

Dear Randywombat,
I do not create markers, so I added those alt-shift-n and m commands, I think it’s a remarkable idea :wink: Thank you

Dear Dan,
You could add alt+) and alt± (or whatever ) and - are on your english or american keyboard) for "rename using the enharmonic below or above.
I find using alt-shift-up (or down) and enharmonic rename the fastest way to input double sharps or double flats — I do not come across those often enough to “give” them a direct key, although I could program the Stream Deck to do that…

YES of course it is, and that’s why i couldn’t find it. Thank you!