List of All Key Commands in Cubase 12 (28.4 KB)
Here is a list of all Cubase 12 default key commands with their category in xls, also with all the possible available unused key combinations using alt, ctrl/cmd, and shift.

I’m sure this type of thing has been posted before but I couldn’t find a file like this as I’m working with Touch Portal where I need a lot of free key commands to map buttons, so thought I’d make a chart to quickly find new ones to use.

Thought it might be helpful for others…saves some typing.



This thread might be interesting for you.


Thank you so much for your effort! Awesome!!!

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Thank You !!!

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There is also my old “key commands to html” app, but that works a little bit differently (converts your currently defined key commands to either html or csv). I gotta admit I didn’t test it with C12, but I just assume it will still work.


That’s a neat effort!

Might I suggest something as a fellow Touch Portalist? Cubase will happily receive up to F19, so feel free to also use those extra 56 assignments (F13-F19, with their 8 possible combinations. No modifier, Ctrl, Shift, Alt, Alt Ctrl, Alt Shift, Ctrl Shift, Alt Ctrl Shift).


Thank you. This really helps me as I am often looking for empty slots for key commands.

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Also, if you need even more!


Awesome, I didn’t know that, thanks!

I’ll update that for my separate TouchPad version with all my personal key commands.


I thought I could do this on Windows but seems it only works on MAC I think?

I’m on Windows. What doesn’t work?

Many thanks!
That was exactly I was looking for

Thanks Simon … much appreciated!

Go to “Key Command” on drop down window and you can assign things in there- just find the attribute- type the command you want- hit the up arrow and it is assigned

This is awesome ! I’d been scouring search engines and user guides for this; Thank you !!!

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Thank you!

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Thank you!!

Very helpful, thank you!Sharon.

Great, thank you very much

Thanks a lot! I was going to spend time in Excel to clean the whole list, and I couldn’t find a way to select the whole list in Steinberg Support.