List of Cubase CCs ?

I am trying to learn Generic Remote.

Where can I find a list of the MIDI CC etc. numbers that Cubase 7 uses for all its functions ?



Cubase is using all MIDI CCs, i.e. from CC0 to CC127. For example here is the list of all CCs names. But I thinks it doesn’t help a much for Generic Remote understanding. It’s just a message, which is sent by the MIDI Device.

More interesting is the lower table, which describes the function (command), which will be triggered. This list is (almost) identical with Key Commands list.

I had a footswitch that only put out program changes.

That wouldn’t drive the generic remote. I needed notes!

I had to get a midi solutions box to translate program changes to notes.

That worked and I was able to use my footswitch.

Seems like cc’s would be similar to PC’s. Haven’t used them in the generic remote.

I didn’t think cubase did a lot with cc’s other than pass them through to instruments.

It doesn’t use them in inner workings I don’t think.

This info is not correct, the generic remote does respond to program change messages.

However there are other factors that can break its functionality. One example that comes to mind would be having the the wrong channel set in the upper pane tables. (Using Learn to assign the upper pane values would avoid this.)

Or the MIDI Port is not selected correctly.

Btw: Just “for the record”, Program Change is not a CC.

I stated that program changes doesn’t work, you would have to convert them.

Program changes are program change messages. Control changes are cc’s.

You use both together to change bank and program.

It doesn’t matter what you send the generic remote, it takes what you assign in the top pane and uses it as the trigger, whether it’s Program Change, CC, Note, or any of the other messages that are valid.

The lower pane contains the commands that are output from the generic remote. You can set that to be any of the listed commands.

On the other hand, the Input Transformer can convert midi messages to other midi messages.

My post is not meant to contradict you, but to clarify for users who find this thread through a search.

Sorry, I misread your post.

Yeah, manual says it can use program changes.

Guess I missed that when I was setting it up, thought it had to be notes.

That was some years ago in ver 3.1

No biggie. I’ve done the same.

Hello all,

timefor my first post here :wink: :
I am looking for something similar, this discussion is the closest to what I am looking for:

Is there any available documentation on the available actions in the lower pane? Scanning through the menu structure you find a lot and understand a lot, too, but some you really have to guess… So I wondered if there is a table for all actions reflecting the menu, plus a description of what it does in Cubase?

I think this can really help with productivity, both configuring the DAW as using it.

Thanks for any help!


generic remote is very powerful but i think it’s one of the most unuser friendly functions in cubase …