List of DMX-Interfaces

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I am using Daslight 4 and would like to know which DMX-Interfaces (USB to DMX, or ArtNet to DMX) are fully supported by VST-LIVE. I would like to send out DMX commands via an Interfaces to the Daslight4 Interfaces DMX-In.

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Maybe your request could be extended here so that the forum members create and maintain a list of devices that are basically compatible with VST Live.

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we have contacted DasLight (Nicolaudie) to speak about to support their hardware interface. Currently VL supports all ENTEC products and all interfaces which are working with a FTDI D2XX driver. VL also supports the ArtNet protocol. And currently we are working on the support for DMX4All (Serial) interfaces.
It’s a good idea, @Detgyver, to collect supported interfaces and user experiences. Unfortunately there is no standard protocol, so we need to find out which interface is not supported.

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I would suggest a positive list, because “non-described incompatible devices” are far from being compatible because they are not on the list. We could collect these informations in a separate post and forum members can add their experiences to the list.

Devices: Ampero Control / Midi Controller
Type: USB device
Additional Software Required: No
Tested System: Windows 11 Pro
Computer: Lenovo ThinkPad P15s Gen 2i / 48GB RAM
Usage: To control actions such as “Start/Pause”, “Next Song”, “Previous Song”, “RTZ” on stage/rehearsal room with your foot.

P.S: This list must be adjusted accordingly depending on the device type

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