List of feature suggestions

Hi, here are some ideas for useful features for future Cubase suggestions:


  1. A discrete batch export for channel sends. When exporting a music project for mixing in another studio, a separate print might be needed for send effects for each instrument. I.e., if we have an FX channel with a hall reverb on it, we typically have many instruments sending signal to it - pianos, strings, brass, choir, percussion. Currently if I am doing a batch export, my options are to have this FX channel printed separately with the resulting audio file containing all the instruments with sends routed to that FX send channel. There should be an option to have separate exported files for each send in the mixer - ideally that could be selected in the batch export dialog or as a global option if that’s more workflow efficient. That way, when doing a batch export in the above scenario, I will have the dry versions for each instrument in the composition, as well as it’s own separate Hall reverb effect, so that I can mix those later at the mixing stage.

2.Drag an insert plugin from any channel insert slot in the mixer onto any audio event in the timeline, to create an offline process with the settings of the plugin for that audio event. It will be useful to have a dialog with some options like adding silence at the end, creating new track with a copy of the processed event, etc. Similar to render in place but quicker, more intuitive, less clumsy. Also, have the option to select and drag several plugins onto an event, which are to be applied in the order of their selection, perhaps.

  1. Have the offline history dialog box be designed and organized like the channel plugin insert slots where the applied offline processes are displayed the same way as the insert plugins in the mixer, as colored rectangles that can be turned on and off and reorganized through drag&drop and removed by dragging away. Also, it would be really great to have the option to save those offline fx chains as presets.

  2. For any offline process, add the ability to change the range start and end points while previewing or after the process is applied. That will be very convenient for noise reduction plugins which need to have the noise sampled before the process is applied to the program material. A useful feature could be for any process in the Offline History dialog to have an “Apply To Full Length” option, if that same process was previously applied to a certain audio range.

  3. Please update the functionality of the offline pitch envelope process - a larger/scaleable window with more precise editing options and maybe a bigger range (at least 24 semitones please)

  4. When minimizing a project for back up, have the option to add “handles” to the audio files - defined time at the beginning and at the end of the audio - just like when exporting an OMF file from an editing program, for example.