List of shortcuts for mac

I have 3 questions, for the 1. two I looked at google and the manual but there are just the SCs for PC. So :wink:

I am looking for the shortcut for enharmonic change.

I tried to find a list for Mac shortcuts but that seems to be difficult.

When I try to change the pitch of a not by condo arrow the not is not chromatically changed but always in the major scale. Can I change that to halftone steps?

Can you give a hint for these problems?


And PS now there is a difficulty to find the diminished Symbol? By pressing a “0” there is just 5> displayed. But I need a symbol for a whole diminished chord.

Hi gogollny.

It’s not true that there are just the shortcuts for PC. I’m on mac since day one, and there was no manual at that time. But there already was a built-in keyboard shortcuts mapping (Help menu> Key commands). That would be my answer for 2.

  1. I cannot help you precisely with enharmonic change, because I have a french keyboard and you probably don’t. But I would check alt+[the key that you need to put a sharp or a flat, near the backspace key]
  2. Halftone step change is performed by alt-shift-arrow

Hope this helps!

Thanx for your answer.

It’s not true that there are just the shortcuts for PC

From the manual for respelling notes:

Respell the selected notes upwards/downwards in any of the following ways:
Press Alt-= to respell upwards.
Press Alt-- to respell downwards.

Strange maybe I am in the wrong manual.

For 3 thats cool thanx. For 1 I don’t find, I tried out many different combinations… but it doesn’t work.

Those shortcuts don’t apply on German keyboards (as you asked, and I answered, here: Enahrmonic change does not work - Dorico - Steinberg Forums)

Ah yes you are wright, forgot that.
But is there a list where to find the implentated Mac SCs?
That would be very helpful.

Want to mention that the keyboard shortcuts shown for “Hilfe / Tastaturbefehle” (German user) aren’t complete. At least the articulations (staccato, tenuto, marcato etc.) are missing on the keyboard. Would be fine this could be updated.