list of shortcuts

Can we have a list of user shortcuts activated without the other? If so, can you print the list of shorcuts?

Here is what I use…

File -> Key Commands

Operation Manual pg.1003-1011

user shortcuts…

Would be handy indeed.

I have Done it but its quite messy as the formatting of the XML is not perfect for human reading. It should be possible to run some grep analisys on it to clear it up, but last time I did it I didn’t know grep even existed so I did it all in excel.

This should have come build-in or as a app. with cubase.Thanks dathho!!!


Tremendous work! That means it’s important! Steinberg can do so easily from its interface. Functions are already there. This is to classify data and enable printing.

Someone years ago created a tool which turned the XML file into a tidy tabular HTML file… But I’ve got no idea who it was and I can’t find any trace of the tool on my system :frowning: Perhaps they still lurk on this forum??


Is this what you mean?

Thanks Steeve, but it’s a little too complicated for me !

Yeah, I get that. Also, I think there might have been changes in the way file permissions affect running scripts like this in Windows 8- I am not able to get it working on my Windows machine.

I think though, all you need to do is download the files and place in your app data folder
“C:\Users[username]\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 8_64”

Or check out this page for the location of the User appdata folder (in french)

Thank you, that’s great. I hope Steinberg will learn.

I have made a PDF with a Table of Contents for Cubase 7. I used a narrow page width so that the PDF can remain open and not consume too much real estate. It’s for Mac but I the original Word doc is also available. Notify me about any major errors or updates and I will edit the docs. Here’s the link to docs on my blog:

Updated link:


Well, my brother started his computer training from “Computer Skills for the Workplace” and I think he might be needed these short cut key for make easier his work. So I will share this list with him and hope he may found this helpful.

Messed about for ages parsing XML files to try to get a decent list, but life is just too short, eventually resorting to a hacking up a flaky excel vba macro. Here’s the list I use, hope it helps someone :slight_smile: