List of SMuFL fonts?

Now that it’s easy to install alternative music fonts for use with Dorico, is there a list of SMuFl fonts that will work with Dorico?


The MuseScore fonts: Gootville, MuseJazz and MScore, claim to be SMuFL-compliant and have JSON files

Any more?

I’ll have a SMuFL-compliant version of MTF-Arnold out, followed by the others on my site as soon as I can get to them.

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Further to this list, the font used by Overture 5 (the successor to Encore) is also SMuFL-compatible. It’s called AloisenU.
I’ve made a JSON file for it, using Robert Piechaud’s python script for FontForge, which is on the SMuFL github pages.

It works very well in Dorico.

Can you provide a link to the AloisenU font?

Also, how does one install a new music font onto Dorico?


re. installation check here (ignore the posts before Dec. 20th )

can somebody please point me towards a way to download the “metadata.json” file that goes with the “MuseJazz” fonts? Whenever I click on it in GitHub, it just opens in some kind of editor…? :blush: :question:


DELETED - this didn’t work. See two posts later in the thread for a second try!


thanks, but “Save Target As” saves a 0kB HTML file…?


Oops, I didn’t check it saved the right thing (but it certainly saved something for me, not an empty file!)

Try again … click on the metadata.json link to get into the editor. Then click the “raw” button at the top of the edit window. That should open another window containing just the contents of the .json file.

You can then open a text editor (e.g. Notepad), select all and copy from the browser window, paste into Notepad, and save the file as metadata.json.

Makes total sense, will do!!


While the official list in Steinberg’s forum is not complete, the list of fantastic Dorico-compatible fonts at Music Type Foundry is growing. I personally hope the next one is Improviso, a sorely missing fine-trait handwritten font.


You can find them there too :

Figurato by Florian is SMuFL now too!

Indeed ! I will update my copy now !

Do the SMuFL compliant fonts on Music Type Foundry include 100% of the glyphs included in Bravura? I’ve noticed that some SMuFL compliant fonts don’t often have a glyph that corresponds to each and every glyph in Bravura. Also, is there any official documentation where I can browse the glyphs available for these SMuFL fonts?

Dear composerjude,
There is NO music font that has as many glyphs as Bravura. It’s the SMuFL flagship font, so it had to be extensive… This is why you should really be careful with what you need to notate, to check whether this or that font will fill your needs.

After having converted several music notation fonts to SMuFL I do know that it is a lot of quite complicated work!
And I am not talking about creating new glyphs but only about the conversion to SMuFL.
For example it is not always straight forward to find out which from the huge amount of available glyphs in Bravura are actually used by Dorico.
A lot of Bravura glyphs (there are so much glyphs in Bravura because it is a model for SMuFL) are simply not used by Dorico and this is nowhere documented.
To create the necessary metadata is also not an easy task.
And here again it is also not always clear which metadata are used by Dorico.

Abraham Lee from Music Type Foundry did a great and huge work to port some of his wonderfull fonts to SMuFL.
Of course it is unfortunate to find out that a specific glyph is missing for a specific situation but at some point Abraham will surely add the important missing glyphs.

The personal use license for a MTF font is $0.99
I would say it is a very moderate amount and the best way to try the fonts and to see exactly which glyphs are available.

I also would like to add that Abraham Lee did years of non-profit work for the LilyPond community!
All his fonts are also freely available for LilyPond.
Though this has nothing to do with Dorico I think it is important to know where MTF comes from.


Finally my “BopMusicSMFL” font :bulb:


BopMusic fonts for DORICO™ are now SMuFL compliant and featuring more than 1300 music symbols.

Hi again,

I’m now making my RealScore go to SMuFL just like BopMusicSMFL font, 1300 glyphs, or less. It’s a heavy task remapping old fonts but as I’m considering switching to Dorico Pro, I’m smufl’ng all my NorFonts.


Dear Nor Eddine,
That is good news. I can not wait to see how your fonts look like :blush: