List of track archives on menu - to insert in a flash from menu or key command - track templates as other daws have

Reuse of multimike setups of tracks(like for drums), multiout instruments with busses and similar are huge time savers.

If we could get a checkbox when creating a track archive “show in menu” so it’s there for instant insert in a project.
And one extra checkbox maybe - “all track import” meaning no intermediate steps, like current dialog.

This is how track templates are implemented in many daws - extremely useful.
Some daws have options also for saying if data/parts/events are to be included or not.

So prepare a project with just the wanted tracks, nothing else - so not dialog and checkboxes must be used - according to suggested checkboxes above for save operation.

Then on rightclick menu “Add Track” - among other alternatives now, you also list a submenu with track archives you want.

  • you select one of those - and pop - there is a set of tracks setup for you - as prepared.

A minimum of menu-hiking - as it is now - to do this timesaving operation.