List of VST2 plugins without VST3 versions

Thanks for the tip, but unfortunately there’s no upgrade path from SSD4, and the SSD4 libraries are not usable in SSD5.5, so it would have to be re-purchased at full price.

Not seeing a demo of Metaplugin on their website … so is this a VST3 plugin, that could host another VST2 x64 VSTi instrument with MIDI input and multichannel outputs?

Doh! (didnt’ scroll down far enough!)

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Some more plugins for the list:

The older 112db Redline and Big Blue Series are still VST2 only:
Redline Reverb
Redline EQ
Redline Pre-amp
Redline Monitor
Big Blue Compressor
Big Blue Limiter

all the Fxpansion plugins:
DCAM Synth Squad (Strobe 1, Cyper 1, Amber) (won’t be updated as they’ve been superseded)
Strobe 2
Cypher 2
Geist 1 & 2

The Glue
The Drop
The Scream

ArtsAcoustic Reverb,

Tailored Noise/Dada Life:
Endless Smile
Sausage Fattener

Sonic Academy Kick 2

Xfer Record:
LFO Tool
Dimension Expander

Lennar Digital’s Sylenth

Reveal Sound’s Spire

Sonic Charge’s entire range is still VST2:

Plugin Boutique’s
Stereo Savage
Big Kick

Sugarbyte’s entire range:
Drum Computer
Drum Factory


Thanks for the list audiofrq. There are quite a few I use regularly, I suppose this means ‘nagging’ Metric Halo etc.,

MrSoundman I use Metaplugin($59) to shell VST3 to VST2, but also VST2, on a VST3 platform, for its Oversampling option, which reduces aliasing. I think it may be the solution and is a bit cheaper than PatchWork($99) & maybe easier to use…

‘Internal bridge from 32 to 64 bit’; I still have a couple 32bit only VST2 plugins, so, in theory, one could use a 32bit VST2 within a VST3 platform!? When my new DAW PC is completed, I shall try this, unless someone wants to have a go now.

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Plogue Bidule

Relevant developer comments on their forum:

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Another one we will lose out on is Spirit Reverb ( Aegean Music)

One not mentioned is I think the Digitakt VST is only VST2. (It’s part of Overbridge). I have a bunch of VSTs listed above.

Universal Audio.

UAD are my most treasured plugins. Does anyone think it’s likely UAD will let these become unusable for Cubase users?

(Did Steinberg say *when VST 2 plugins will behind unusable? Could they just reach into Cubase 11 any old day and prevent use of VST 2 plugins, or will it have to wait for a new version to be downloaded?)

Thank you!

Here’s the list of VST2 FX and instruments that currently have no VST3 version. The vast majority of these will NEVER be updated, so they will be orphaned. Some of these were expensive!

A1TriggerGate (
Atlantis Filter (Negspect Inc)
D82 Sonic Maximizer (Nomad Factory)
epicVerb (Variety of Sound)
fbphaser64 (Full Bucket Music)
fbvc64 (Full Bucket Music)
Initial Reverse (Initial Audio)
karlette (Steinberg)
MPXLNativeReverb (Lexicon)
OTT (Xfer Records)
Reaktor 6 FX (Native Instruments)

Atlantis (Negspect Inc)
Gaia Editor (Instigator)
M1 Le (Korg)
Model-E (Steinberg)
neon (Steinberg)
Peak Summit_Editor (Instigator)
Reaktor 6 (Native Instruments)
Synth1 VST (Daichi)
System-8 Editor (Instigator)
TS-808 (Jonathan Murphy)
TS-Substance (Jonathan Murphy)
vb-1 (Steinberg)

For me Valhalla works well in VST3…

Steinberg said ‘within 24 months’ - but they won’t ‘reach into cubase 11’ and remove support for VST2. It’s for newly released products only.

Cubase 12 (PC) is expected to have full VST2 support too.

It’s still possible that Steinberg will see sense and keep some kind of VST2 support …

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You may want to start a separate thread for this question to avoid hijacking this thread.

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Half of my synths VSTis are 2.4 :frowning:

4Front Bass
Ample Sound : ABPL2, AGML2, Ample Guitar M, APC
Alan Vista: Chau gongs, Marimbaphonic, Royotoms, Thai Gongs
all Bigcat instruments
VK1 Viking
Daichi Synth1
Datsounds and Lostin70s Keys instruments
Keolabs Spicy guitars
Manda Audio MT-PowerDrum
TAL Noisemaker
U-HETyrell N6
Some NI plug-ins, including Guitar Rig, but I can’t imagine they won’t upgrade them in the next months

One personal concern is that VST3 can’t be installed in an external SSD, and my internal one is full…

this has a VST3 version available

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But nearly all VST3 plugins can separate content and plugin file. So you can move the content to the external disk.

You’re right !-)
But even by doing it (putting content on my external 1 Tb SSd), I already have 5 Gb of VST3 plug-ins and only 36 Gb remaining available…
Already some issues when downloading and trying to install new VST.

Trouble is for Macbook users who get them nasty tiny SSD’s as standard and they can’t upgrade. Even without the content there’s a sizeable portion that can be taken up.

Of course, symlinks probably work well on MacOS thinking about it (I’m on win10 now), so maybe the best solution.