List of VST2 plugins without VST3 versions

In light of this announcement

I thought it worth starting to compile a list of VST2 only plugins. I think it would be good to see the size of the problem.

I’m ignoring the fact that for some plugs the VST2 version is more stable than the VST3 here’s my list below.

Soundtoys - although they claim to be working on VST3 versions for months/years.
Toontrack - all plugins - likely to get an upgrade at some point ?
Native Instrument - various such as abysynth / reaktor / Battery - some are likely to be updated
Rayzoon Jamstix - who knows if this will ever get a substantial update ?
Relab LX480
AudioEase Alitverb / Indoor / Speakerphone 2 - updates historically very slow from AudioEase
Black Rooster Audio plugs
Gforce synths - all of them and some haven’t been updated for years
Korg collection
Lexicon plugins - unlikely to be ever upgraded
U-he - the few VST3 I have are a bit broken and they are advising to use VST2
UJAM stuff
SINE player
Air plugins - glad to see the back of them !
UVI workstation - VST3 update likely.
VPROM - I can’t imagine we’ll see an update for that.
BFD3 - although that’s broken for lots of reasons
XLN AD1 - AD2 - AK - X0 etc
Metric Halo
Ivory - hasn’t seen an update for years unlikely to ever make it to VST3

It’s impossible to know what will be upgraded to VST3 and if there will be free or paid updates

Anybody have any more to add to the list ?


Kush Audio - some VST2, some VST3, I think. Haven’t heard anything about migration plans.
PSPAudio - Migration in progress
SKNote - unlikely to be updated
SonicCharge - haven’t heard anything about VST3
Toneboosters V3 plugins - won’t be updated

and lots of older freeware gems the most likely won’t ever be updated.

re Black Rooster Audio -I think they once said the were working on a new internal framework (which probably means VST3 support)

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I think it’s likely - although will it be a paid update I wonder?

Tooontrack EZ Bass is VST3, according to them.

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^^yes - I only went through my VST2 list and forgot about that
all VST2 still

SD3 is bound to go VST3…but maybe they’ll call it SD4 ? Ezkeys also desperately needs an update for the 21st century.

all UAD plugins
Arturia Spark

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I can’t imagine that - usually developers have a hard time selling an update that is “just” a format update, same as no one charges for the updates regularly required on MacOS because of some changes Apple does. Although all those things can be more (and frustrating) work that the DSP itself…
I’d have no problem though paying a small update fee, as I got their whole bundle for really cheap.

development costs time/money so there may well be the temptation to add a couple of features, update to VST3 and call it ‘V2’ and charge

That is bound to happen to some of those developer that decide to update to VST3

Steven Slate Drums (“SSD”) – seem to have no interest in VST3, even up to v5.5 now.
[EDIT] I seem to have been wrong about this …

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Great to see NI recently providing Kontakt 6 as a VST3, but still no VST3 versions of Battery, FM8, Guitar Rig or Reaktor 6.

Although wherever possible over recent years I have consciously avoided plugin manufacturers that don’t provide VST3 versions of their plugins, some stuff I just couldn’t avoid (Komplete being one). Try finding an alternative to Reaktor, for example, given the investment in learning it!

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I have a VST3 version of SSD5. and Trigger 2 is vst3 as well.

Oh! I stand corrected then :slight_smile:. When the upgrade offer first came around, I enquired and was told there was no VST3 at that time – I’ll check out the “free” one as I’ve missed the upgrade period now and would have to buy again.

Even the free version of SSD5.5 is VST 3.6.13 as I checked it right now… :yum:
But the TAL free versions are still VST 2.4 – no updates availabe (TAL BassLine/Elek7ro-II/NoiseMaker) :thinking:

All of plugins which I use (Arturia, Fabfilter, Wavesfactory, U-He, Spectrasonics, Valhalla, Native instruments Kontakt) have VST3 versions. Btw Which of U-He have broken VST3? I got Diva, Zebra, Satin and all works well honestly…

Not critical for me. And after 24 months probably it will be fixed. Hope so. Anyway I use vst3 about one year and all os good

see the reply from Ralph

a possible resolution for Jamstix ?

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I sent an email to LexiconPro Support asking about the VST3 situation and received an answer back to the effect that software engineering is currently working on VST3 support for the plugins but they do not currently have a projected release date.


u-he VST3 synths are fine. At least they are for me.

I have gui resizing issues with Tone2 VST3 synths (all except warlock)
same with:-
refx nexus
all valhalla
eventide blackhole, micropitch, ultratap
ds thorn

Adam Szabo, Viper, JP6K has no VST3

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Metaplugin, PatchWork & Unify all work in VSLsVEP7 for various VSTi, which are VST3 only, so this should work for VST2 only plugins…
btw it’s a bit hit&miss, I think Equator2 gave me the most trouble; only working in Unify, but that might be my setup.