Listen Bus: How to activate it WITHOUT affecting the cues?

Hello Control Room lovers!

Is there a way to activate the listen bus only on the control room, and without affecting the cue mixes?

Here´s what I want to do:

The band is recording on the live room, with their headphone mixes running.
I´m on the control room with the band’s manager and he says: Can we listen only to the singer?

So I think… “the Listen Bus is the way to go”, but when I press the L on the singers mixer channel, the whole band comes to a halt saying their cue mixes stopped working.

I tested it and yes, the listen bus activates for both monitor and cues…

How can I just activate the listen bus on the monitor channel, but not change sound on the cues?

Otherwise, how would you achieve this? How do you “solo” a channel on the monitor channel without soloing it on the cue mixes?

No repplies? Bummer :frowning: