"Listen"-routing for 5.1-legs-routed tracks is not OK!

I’ve got this template-project with 6 mono audiotracks in it which are directly, individually routed to the 5.1-legs of my 5.1 Main Mix.
I can “Solo”(In Place) them without issues: I hear those tracks just from the speakers where they’re being sent to.
But, when I “Listen” to them, all of those tracks are routed to the L-front speakers.
"Listen"ing to tracks which are panned to the 5.1-legs instead of being sent directly, seem to react fine though: Nuendo shows them right where they are being panned to.

Even when I start with an empty project, this issue seems to occur. I think this has been a known issue for a while?
Has somebody a minute to try to reproduce please?

Niek/ Amsterdam.