Listen to Cubase on Mobile Device?

Is there an easy/fast way to monitor a song on a mobile device iOS/Android?

I’m making some music/sound fx for mobile games and would like to listen how it sounds on the device quite regularly. It’s kind of tiresome to always make an mp3 first, then push it to the device and run it in a media player. Is there an easier way/app to quickly listen how something sounds on a mobile device?

Is there a way to use a mobile device as speakers for Cubase or some other way which would make this task easier?

(I’m not working with the mobile device, I just want to preview the sound on it)

You can use a Steinberg app called Studio Pass to do this but I THINK you need to buy VST Connect Pro in order to use the app -not 100% sure about that though.

Thanks! Looks like it requires VST Connect Pro indeed, which is a bit too pricey. But it helped me find some info about “VST Connect Performer” which seems to work with VST Connect SE. I’m just not sure if it does what I want, as the description is just about recording and not monitoring. Even though 4,99€ would be fine to give it a try, I would be glad if someone could confirm in advance that it’s possible to use an iPad to monitor the sound from Cubase this way?

Also is there maybe any alternative way for Android as well?

Just seen this, maybe it’ll do the job for you? Streams audio from a DAW plugin to an app on iOS for monitoring purposes.