Listen to Cubase over Team Viewer - Win 10 - Help needed please

Hello Everybody,

I wish really you can help me with this, sometime I travel and I need to export some tracks from my Cubase windows machine, or even do some minor changes to a project, so I go and access it from team viewer and do my stuff, the only problem is that I can never hear the Cubase sound, I can hear windows sounds but no luck with Cubase.

Have tried a web streaming driver to listen to Cubase via internet but it is not practical, I have done my home work but Can’t find a practical solution, so maybe one of you tried this before

We use Skype TX, it’s geared toward broadcasters and works well. I don’t know the pricing, our annoying bean counters deal with that, but we’ve used it on a number of live television broadcasts.

You need to rewire ASIO output from Cubase into an microphone input of an windows driver internally using some sort of audio loopback driver and enable “listen to this device” in the microphone preferences. I cannot provide you with any names for the loopback driver, as my audio interface has this feature built in and I have no need for use of any 3rd party software.

I did this with teamviewer and it works, though there is some latency.