Listen to only reverb in Cubase 7?


I want to listen to only the effects in Cubase 7, lets say delay and reverb.

How can I do this?

Answers highly appreciated!


Use the control room, then use the listen function.

Could you go on about explaining how to do this?

I also need to know and wonder about it.

I’ve been reading through the manual on control room and I’ve seen several youtube videos on this. But I never understood it anyway. Maybe it’s me that’s stupid, but I’d highly appreciate the help! =)


Hmm… It’s probably harder to explain here than following the various examples that can be found elsewhere.

so what do we do if we want to learn this?

Honestly the new controlroom is SO confusing and fuzzy.

Can someone please just tell me how I can solo reverb to adjust it? I won’t really use the controlroom yet for other stuff. Only for this purpose.


You can send to the reverb pre-fader and then lower the source otherwise it has to be the control room

You could disable the output to the master buss on the track you are sending to the reverb.

You could also duplicate the track you are sending and flip the phase on one of them. Make sure you dont bus both tracks to the reverb, just one. Not sure if this is what you are looking for, but it might help you hear the reverb better without the direct signal.

Aloha s,

Here is another approach.

Put the device that is creating the reverb on ‘full wet’. (no dry signal)

REVerence. Look at the lower right side of the plug
and make sure the ‘mix’ control is at 100%

HTH (hope this helps)

Press the “L” Button", after you configured the Settings to your liking…

I usually create a DRY bus and redirect all the channels to it instead of the default Stereo Out. FX buses (like reverb or delay) are 100% wet and connected to the Stereo Out. This way if I want to hear only the reverb I simply solo it. This will cause the DRY bus to be muted, leaving only the wet signal to be heard.

Of course, the Listen function also works when properly configured :slight_smile:

Control room has become a little fiddly and click here/there-y.

This is probably even better than the CR Listen, since if needed you can automate or filter that buss.

Hmm I’m not sure I quite understand this.


I create 1 bus which is called DRY (and this is the DRY sound, not effected by any effects).

So if the FX bus is connected to the Stereo Out, I can solo them? but not if the dry signal is connected to stereo out aswell? or?