Listen! Yes, you! .... listen :)

All recording, production, and absolutely everything else in these tracks was made with Cubase. As always!

Please listen, comment, and enjoy!


Claim U and Booty call are pretty god though I think a bit of rap in the middle of a song is passe and the the word shit is a bit overused but I like the way you’ve used Melodyne or Autotune or whatever it was…good sounding club/dance tracks, everything you need is there for a successful song…the next problem is getting the music out there !!! good luck to you…Kevin
PS…the forum is changing the word to flower…but you know which word I mean…

Claim U and Booty Call are the s**t. Fantastic production and songs. Will listen to the others. Great!

Thanks guys, and I agree on the “flower” comments :slight_smile:. Such is the world we live in. Write a Pop-dance song without addressing the primal instincts in the rawest form possible, and the effect is lost on the masses :slight_smile:.

Then again, no production is ever finished, so we shall see! If these are ever released, we shall address the “flowers” as the need arises.

Thanks again!

Well, you clearly know what you’re doing! Nice work.

Sounds excellent!

This sounds absolutely awesome.

This is also mastered in Cubase?
I mean, I can’t believe that the compressors and synths are all the bundled stuff from Cubase.
It’s really close to a pro production, kudo’s for that. I can’t get my stuff to sound as big and clear like this.

The flow of the music, words, chord progressions everything, not my kind of music but it’s done great!

Greetz Dylan.

Thanks for the comment, Dylan.

It’s not mastered as yet, but the key to getting a good master is a solid, well-balanced mix, which is what I try to do with every track.

Just to clarify, the production, vocal recording, editing and processing was all done within Cubase. For effects, i use mainly stock Cubase plugs (the compressors and EQs are fantastic), however for instruments I have a multitude of 3rd party VSTis that I rely on. Komplete 7, reFX Nexus are to name but a few. I moved away from using physical hardware years ago.

I used to be signed to a record label for a few years, and acquired a lot of knowledge about mixing from doing it all day every day for a living. Now, I’m doing music more for fun as well as freelancing a bit.

If you have any questions about anything, feel free to message me and I’ll be glad to help!

Killer mix its really hard to believe its unmastered! I must assume you used a limiter/ multiband compressors on master channel???

Really great production bow to you lol

There are a ton of compressors on different tracks throughout the mix: vocals, drums, sidechaining on various instruments; compressors on entire groups. On the master channel, I use an Ozone 4 master preset to compress, excite, widen, and eq the mix overall a bit. I could technically “master” with Ozone, since it’s designed for that, but I usually just throw a preset on and that’s it. For whenever I’m supplying a label or anyone else with a final mix, I turn the master Ozone preset off, and ONLY put on a limiter, to give them a clean mix, so that it can be properly mastered on the other end.