Listening to Copyrighted Library Of Congress Sound Recording

Hi - I know how to search for the documentation of granted copyright -

But I was also wanting to listen to the audio I submitted for the copyright. I don’t see how to do the actual listening - anyone have any idea?

For what it’s worth, there are no “Open” submissions, everything has been closed out by them.

Thanks much -


No, you are not able to listen online for any materials contained in the Copyright Office collections. Copies of works sent to our office as deposit material accompanying an application are open to inspection. However, they are not openly available on library shelves that one can peruse. Rather, there is a fee-based service to inspect Copyright Office collections.

If the work was published and selected to be a part of The Library Of Congress Collections, you may be able to see the work in one of the 22 reading rooms.

You can request copies of records or deposits, or ask to inspect copies of records or deposits, by regular mail, email, or fax, or you can call in your request.

For information on ‘Obtaining Access to and Copies of Copyright Office Records and Deposits’ please review: > > .


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