Listening to more than one track at a time

I am new to cubebase. I am trying to do some recording, but am having trouble. I can record one track of guitar, but when I try to record another track, I can’t hear the first one.


Just turn off the “speaker” sign in the guitar track.


I tried turning off the speaker, but still can’t hear both tracks at the same time. I am using headphones, not monitor speakers. I just want to be able to hear the first track while recording another track at the same time.

This should be very easy :confused:
Record first instrument to an audiotrack. Then make a new audiotrack and record the second instrument to it. The first track should be playing at the same time, provided you didn’t mute it.

I suggest you read the manual for a bit, this is really basic stuff.

It would all depend upon what output each track is assigned to, and what hardware route you have that track’s output assigned to. Give us an idea of your signal path. It sounds like you need to read up on the “control room”
monitoring section of the manual.

Are you monitoring through a console or an output of your interface, or off the computer audio card?