Listing of ALL the new C6 features

Maybe I should try and find this more thoroughly but is there a list of ALL the new features in Cubase 6 (compared to Cubase 5) somewhere? And where?

I tend to write and beg too soon since I’m too hasty - I know - but it would be nice to know about every single improvement/innovation/feature in C6. And yet couldn’t find one.

Vast list - I know - but anyway. Would be nice to see those since one necessarily don’t pic up everything just from the manual.


In which area midi, audio or both?

I would guess all means all. :unamused:


I’d like to see a list of all the new and changed features in C6 gathered in one place, but I’m assuming that the 4 New Features videos pretty much covers everything. If they had more, they’d prolly want people to know about it.


Ouch! Would be nice to know if there’s more to it then what they showed in those videos…

I want a pony.

I wonder if anyone has found any nice surprises in the new manual yet

Skimming through the plugins pdf:

  • new DeEsser. But it has no freq selection…
  • Reverence now has programs and presets (check p40 for what it does)
  • there’s help on how to transfer your reverence presets to another computer or location (thank you Steinberg). Still have to import impulses by hand though…
  • test generator is vst3 now

I haven’t looked at the midi effects since I have never used those before.

Will look into the big manual now…


MIDI Learn is a biggie for me as well as the enhanced editing in the Key Editor.

Brings real meaning to my work.