Liszt's Accent over two notes

HI, I’m trying to figure out how to notate this accent. (meaning accent on multiple notes) Since it occurs on various situations, it needs to be able to be stretchable. I tried to add a music symbol, but it is not convincing at all. How would you notate this?

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This is what I tried… looks bad. More importantly, the size is not changeable.

Doesn’t ;look like an accent to me, just quirky notation.

It is an accent unfortunately. It is well-known to Liszt scholars. New Liszt Edition also prints this kind of accent with footnotes.

Using two notehead-to notehead straight lines (select the two notes, click on the line; select the same two notes again and click on the line again), you can achieve an acceptable result by moving everything in engrave mode. It will be best to spend real effort lining things perfectly at the very end of the project since the lines will move around a bit as the note spacing gets altered. But it’s the only solution I can think of now.


Or a guitar bend


A guitar bend was definitely going to be my suggestion, but I wasn’t near a computer to check that it works across a two-note trem - it does.

In Engraving Options > Guitar Bends > Spacing, you may want to turn down the Minimum horizontal span for bend from rhythmic note. This way the guitar bends won’t distort the horizontal spacing so much.


Thank you so much all! Never heard of the guitar band before, as I don’t play the guitar!

Guitar bends do affect playback, although I can’t remember off the top of my head how that might impact a non-guitar instrument with a guitar bend. For safety, you may want to suppress its playback.

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