Literally abandoned by Steinberg


My audio branding studio owns until now 4 Cubase 10.5 licences. I got ten days ago an extra one on Thomann. By accident my 7 years old kid has lost the activation code document that comes inside the box so I submitted a ticket asking Steinberg to cancel the lost Activation Code and providing a new one (I attached the invoice and a picture of all the numbers and bar codes shown in the product box). Steinberg’s answer: “You are asking for a gift. We cannot cancel that activation code because we cannot know which number is in every box. If you would buy it in our online store, that would not happen. If you have lost this, you have wasted your purchase.”

So, notice that even you are paying the same in other stores, Steinberg does not offer the same service. They literally told me that when you buy in other stores, you are paying for the activation code paper, and if you loss it, you waste your purchase.

IMO we (The clients) should be warned about this when buying in resellers stores.

I’ve been a Steinberg’s client for 25 years. After this and having many stability issues with 10.5 in catalina, I’m really considering moving all my company system to other DAW.

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Time for your kid to get a job and earn some money…
Well, honestly. If I buy no matter what at at reseller or store, and then get to the manufacturer when problems arise, or as in your case, I lose what i bought, they will tell me just the same.
Apart from that, I pay a lot less for Cubase Pro 10.5 when buying from Thomann compared to the Steinberg online shop.

Sell the 7 year old. Only option at this point.

this is nothing new. how can Steinberg know which is your code? do you think they should follow every code around the world and make the resellers keep track of them for them (and you) ? That’s the down side of buying a physical product, you are responsible to keep it.

it’s brutal for you, but I understand Steinberg. then they would have to give valid licenses to anyone with a receipt of their products or not?

so if it makes you feel better, yeah why not change DAW and try something new? Studio one looks great, if I were to buy a new DAW todayI would most likely go for that.

Yeah, unfortunately not steinberg’s fault here. Also, I’m a Mac guy all the way but I moved to windows for Bitwig and now am finding Cubase seems to run a lot smoother on windows. Looks a bit nicer on Mac, feels nicer on windows - more responsive and media bay loads up immediately etc…


Finally Steinberg provided a new Activation Code. Very good for them.



Sad they don´t apply their own rules to anyone, but get weak, whenever someone cries “I´ll change DAW” :unamused:

I’m glad that they did that, since it speaks well for the company, given that they didn’t, strictly speaking, need to do anything. It also means that you’re not out of pocket, which is good too.

Is there any chance that you could change the title of your thread to something along the lines of, “Thanks to Steinberg for getting me out of a mess of my own making, when they didn’t really have to”?

I mean I’ve never heard of buying something, losing it and then demanding a refund because you still have the receipt? How do they know you’re not lying or that your lost activation code will actually turn up later to you end up having two copies for the price of one.
The fact that steinberg have now given you a gesture of goodwill for your mistake, and you haven’t got the courtesy to change the title heading to something that reflects that ? Shame on you

Change title to " Steinberg went over and above their legal responsibility to help me when I didn’t supervise my child adequately even though I whined and badmouthed them whilst banging on about how important I was"

You bought something and your child broke it and it’s somehow Steinberg’s fault? You didn’t even buy it from Steinberg. It’s not Thomann’s fault either. It’s yours. Those guys did you a massive favour and you whine about how they abandoned you? Shame.

Well done Steinberg for showing some quality in how you have dealt with thise complete gnome.

Oh it’s that easy?
Yesterday my 7 year old lost my Nuage, Steinberg send new one.

That’s uncommonly generous of Steinberg!

I think the REAL issue here, is why on earth would you leave something like a Cubase dongle where a seven year old could get unsupervised access to it?

The REAL issue is not about the dongle.

Click-baity title and unwarranted outrage. You should probably remove this thread.