Little Black Display Pop UP

Dont know how I did this but I was trying to name a part in the arrange page, wasn’t watching while I typed and ended up with a little black window on my arrange page, detached from the transport bar, which will show bars and beats, time etc, but I dont know How I turned it on, or how to turn it off (cos dont know what its called so cant look it up in manual)

Its actually quite a neat feature, but I still would like to be able to turn it on and off?

Does anyone know

Devices-Time Display, click it.

Upon loading up the project after Cubase was closed day after, the screen was not there.

I tried your option mashedmitten and the display enabled by this is very similar, but has a border with the red cross box for easy closure on a pc, this box could not be closed as no border, nothing, and it s default behavior was to display bars, it was a similar size to the display within the transport window (f2), but free moving… Strange, but anyway its gone now, thanks for your help.

Obviously closing Cubase sorts it out :wink: