Little Did I Know what that Bass Drum Would Bring


I’m kinda speechless… Been so flipping busy… Now I am in a band, soon to go on tour in July.


I am dressing a lot nicer now!

Oh, and the tour wouldn’t be complete without Sound Drifter :slight_smile:

Even more good times ahead :slight_smile:

Looking Good there Tom…nice stix :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking pretty slick there, Tom :sunglasses:

Mind if I suggest some:


Cool :sunglasses:

Congrats on the band gig. Good luck with the tour. Play/work hard and love every second of it. :slight_smile:

Awesome! Talk about drumming up business!

You all gonna fit in that “Troller Bus”? :confused: :wink: :laughing:

As soon as I saw her picture, I knew that brunette would be spreading her legs and fiddling with her G string!

Quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack! :laughing:

I was thinking the same about the canoe. :wink:

I thought one of the chicks bore a striking resemblance to Miley Cyrus

Cool, Tom! :sunglasses:

Have fun with the tour!

Thats kinda the idea. We also have a 15 passenger van. So I think we are going to take that and Sound Troller. Big thing is when I went on tour years ago, I always wanted to record what I was writing while on the road. This time, I will have the ability to do so. We can fit 6 people easily in the RV. We were contemplating on getting a trailer but I wasn’t hot on it because of the instruments. The bass drum fits inside the RV just fine, but everything else… nope.

Thanks a lot for all the support everyone. Its been a long time since I toured and having management do a lot of the work, it is making things much easier.

I am going to really enjoy this :mrgreen:

Need more outfits now. :mrgreen:

You’ve got ‘issues’ Doug :wink:


You can learn everything you need to know about stage attire from these sources:

(1) Buckaroo Bonzai: Across the Eighth Dimension DVD

(2) Johnny Cash

(3) Bootsy Collins


Did you get someone to run the studio while you’re away?

re: looking for an intern.

No, never got an intern. I’m trying to wrap up all work before I go and schedule around the tour. I’m going to be taking a bit of gear from the rig anyway to record on the road which would render the studio inoperative anyway.

Ah… I do worry about these thing you know :smiley: for some strange reason!!!