Little gap when exporting audio to wav

Hey guys, hope you can help me out with this one.
I noticed that when I am exporting a Stereo-file out of Cubase 10 and import it again, that the wav files adds a little gap before the audio starts.
This is sooo frustrating, because it does not align with the song. So everytime I bounce a track, I have to manually adjust it and cut of the ms in the beginning. Isnt there an easier way?
Thanks, chris

Maybe you have a plugin on the master that adds latency?

When I export the audiofiles I turn all the plugins on the master bus off.

Ok then that’s not it, too bad. I used to have Sonarworks on my master bus (before I understood control room haha) and disabled it when exporting, but I didn’t really turn it off so it was still sort of active and introduced latency.

Bypass or turn them off? They need to be deactivated (Alt-click) not just bypassed.

Anyway, it’s not normal behaviour so something is wrong somewhere.

Thank you so much. The trick with ALT and disabling the master plugins seemed to work. Did not know about this one.
Thanks :slight_smile:

What plugin was causing this?